Free iPhone App Development Course By Stanford

Here are some good news for iPhone App Development enthusiasts. Stanford is offering a free course on iPhone App Development on iTunes U. The iOS 5 edition of this course will allow you to access the slides and lectures that Stanford students study during the course.

The instructor for this online course is Paul Hegarty. Paul says that the course is immensely popular among the students and one of the reasons for this is because creating apps for mobile devices gives an immediate sense of accomplishment. According to Paul, “there aren’t a lot of course you can take that when you get to the end, to your final project, you can take it out of your pocket and show your friends.”

An excellent opportunity for budding developers:
For those who have entered into the world of App Development, this course is an excellent opportunity to access world-class lectures about it. The lectures available for download are the same lectures that are offered to the actual students at Stanford. The lecture slides are also available. The two pre-requisite courses are ‘Programming methodology’ and Programming Abstractions. Both of these courses are also available on iTunes U.

The students who have taken Paul Hegarty’s classes speak very highly of him. According to them, Hegarty doesn’t simply teach about C. He explains why C is important in the overall computer science world and in this way, helps the students develop interest in the language. Once students develop a keen interest, they go on to create some very exciting and interactive Apps.

Image Courtesy Tony Buser.
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