Apple Credits Evad3rs Team For Bugs Fixed In iOS 6.1.3

Evad3rs recently released the untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 6.x devices, namely evasi0n. Apple was quick to discern the exploits that the team used for the jailbreak and rolled out the iOS 6.1.3 update, which effectively patches these exploits. Interestingly, Apple has credited the jailbreaker team for having found out these exploits.

Apple credit

Creating jailbreak tools for iOS devices is a fairly difficult task. That is because Apple works very diligently in trying not to leave any security holes in its mobile operating system. Nonetheless, iOS hackers have been able to discern exploits in every single version of iOS so far.

But as far as iOS 6.x devices are concerned, it took the jailbreakers a long while before they could find the right exploits and use them to create a jailbreak tool. The tool, as soon as it was released, was an immense success, amassing millions of downloads within no time.

However, every time a jailbreak tool hits the market, Apple starts fixing the exploits that are utilized in it. Same is the case with evasi0n. As soon as the tool became available, Apple started working on a patch for the exploits it used, and then rolled out the iOS 6.1.3 update to effectively fix these exploits.

Interestingly though, Apple has credited the evad3rs team with having discovered four out of these exploits. Apple may be in combat with the jailbreak community, but it is a good gesture from the company that it acknowledges the individuals who have discovered the bugs and thus, helped the company make its iOS devices more secure.

Source: Apple

Courtesy: TNW

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