Apple Has Sold 600 Million iOS Devices So Far

When it comes to the smartphone and tablet arena, Apple continues to be the undisputed champion. The company may have lost to Samsung in numbers recently, but its overall performance and revenues still trump all else. At WWDC 2013, Apple has now revealed that so far, it has sold some 600 million iOS devices.

iOS devices

Apple had a huge headstart over all other competitors when it launched iPhone. While other mobile vendors struggled to come up with something equally excellent, Apple was already selling millions of iPhone units. And when the company came up with iPad, it was yet another revolution in the mobile market.

Both iPhone and iPad continue to be the most commercially successful devices in the smartphone and tablet arena, respectively. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when Apple claims that to date, it has been able to sell some 600 million iOS devices.

Breaking down this number further, Apple has stated that iPad continues to have 82 percent share of the web use over tablets, clearly showing its dominance over all other tablet vendors. iPhone, on the other hand, continues to assert its authority by grabbing 60 percent of web use share over smartphones.

These numbers do not directly indicate the exact share of iPhone or iPad, in terms of numbers. But it does hint at the fact that both products beat the competition by a huge margin and that Apple continues to be the champion when it comes to mobile devices.

Courtesy: Engadget

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