Apple iPhone 4 OEM Powermat Wireless Charging System

Powermat Wireless Charging System is now available in Amazon. OEM Powermat Wireless Charging System PMM-1P4-B19 Now charging your iPhone 4 is as simple as setting it down! Complete solutions are pre-pack bundles pairing a Powermat one position charging mat and a receiver to provide a seamless upgrade to wireless charging. Charge your iPhone 4 with the Powermat 1Xi and Receiver Case for iPhone 4. Powermat 1X Wireless Charging MatSMALL PROFILEFITS ANYWHEREThe Powermat 1X Wireless Charging Mat is the perfect solution for wirelessly charging in multiple locations in the home and office. Its small footprint fits almost any corner or even the smallest of nightstands. This is am Checkout more details bellow.

Product Features:

  • 1 Powermat 1Xi wireless charging mat * 1 Wireless Receiver Case for iPhone 4
  • Fits Anywhere Easy To Use, Perfect Alignment, Simple And Smart and Auto Shut Off
  • Powermat Receiver Door seamlessly upgrades your iPhone 4 phone to wireless charging
  • One time replacement of your phones case with a slim, sleek, formfitting design that mirrors your iPhones original design
  • Simply place on any Powermat Mat to charge wirelessly, no plugging and unplugging


  • Weight: 1 pounds
EASY TO USEPERFECT ALIGNMENTA magnetic attraction between every Receiver and each access point on every Mat assures that alignment is precise and the most efficient charging will occur. THE POWERMAT SOUNDA unique sound tells you that a solid connection has been made and your device is charging. A second, similar sound is heard when the device is removed. SIMPLE AND SMARTPERFECT CHARGE FOR EVERY DEVICECommunication between the Mat and the Receiver (via RFID) allows the mat to deliver an exact amount of power for the proper length of time so that the transfer of power is safe and efficient and no energy is wasted. AUTO SHUT OFFWhen a device reaches full charge, power is shut off to that device, which avoids overcharging of the device’s battery as well as saves energy.
FULL CHARGE CHECKOnce full power is achieved and the Auto Shut Off has occurred to save energy, the system will monitor the status of the battery in your device. If the battery is used, the system will again initiate charging and return the battery to a full charge. Wireless Receiver Door for iPhone 4The wireless Powermat Receiver case for iPhone 4 allows your iPhone 4 to charge wirelessly on any Powermat wireless charging mat Powermat Receiver Case seamlessly upgrades your iPhone 4 to wireless charging . One time replacement of your phone’s case with a slim, sleek, formfitting design that mirrors your iPhone

That’s all about the Powermat Wireless Charging System PMM-1P4-B19. This OEM Powermat is available in You can directly order or Buy from here.
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