Apple Patent Talks About A Solar-Powered iPhone

Apple’s patents are often held in significance since they give us a glimpse into the company’s possible future plans. One such recently approved patent seems to talk about a solar-powered iPhone, a notion that has certainly perked up our interest.

Apple solar power

The idea that has been proposed in this patent is quite unique, and yet very simple. Apple proposes in its patent, numbered 8,368,654, that a mobile device can pack a touchscreen that not only discerns the touch input from the user but is able to function as a solar array, powering up sunlight to provide energy to the device.

The patent speaks of an ‘integrated touch sensor and solar assembly’, elaborating further that the solar assembly would be ‘electrodes that are used both for collecting solar energy and for sensing on a touch sensor array.’ Although many ideas and products that Apple files in its patents seem a tad bit outlandish, this one seems very practical and workable.

If Apple eventually decides to create a solar-powered iPhone with the envisioned technology included in it, the company can bring a green revolution in the tech arena. Such clean energy-source for mobile devices would certainly be very welcome worldwide and Apple can gain a few points with environment activists by creating such an iPhone.

But the big question would be regarding the feasibility of such technology and its implementation in millions of devices. At least we can hope that the patent would prompt other mobile industry giants to strive for similar green ideas.

Source: Forbes

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