Apple Released New iPhone 6S Ads Featuring Jamie Foxx, Steph Curry [Video]

Apple has released three new iPhone 6S ads featuring Jamie Foxx, Steph Curry and others. The company demostrated the hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ features and new advanced camera.


iPhone 6S has been released back in September 2015 along with new features and great improvements from inside and out. To promote those outstanding features, Apple has made these three new commercials.

To show off the hands-free feature of Siri, Apple featured American actor Jamie Foxx and the advertisement runs just 17 seconds long. Jamie asked Siri to ‘Flip a coin’ for him!

In another commercial, Jamie Foxx again promotes the hand-free features of new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Siri activates right on the moment when you say ‘hey Siri’. You do not need to hold the phone on your hand anymore.

In the third commercial, Apple has featured the camera functions of the latest iPhone. They claimed, ‘not much has changed with the camera, except how you take the photo’. It means, everything has changed. Steph Curry demonstrated the very new feature called ‘Live Photo‘. The new iPhone camera has also the ability to do 4K video and you can use your phone screen as flash light while taking selfie.

As Apple said, iPhone 6S is here and the only thing that is changed is everything. Do not forget to let us know your experience with these new iPhone.

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