Awareness! The Premium Headphone App For iPhone [Free]

Awareness is such an impotent app that iphone, iPod Touch and iPad users must have this app in their device. Awareness app will keep you safe while you are walking through the road and listening to music. Awareness lets you listen to music and still hear when someone talks to you, the phone ringing, doorbell, alarms etc. without taking your headphones or earphones off – even with noise cancelling or noise isolating headsets. This app is developed by Essency and was cost $6.99 which is totally FREE now to download from iTunes store.

Awareness! The Headphone App

iTunes Link:!-the-headphone-app/id389245456?mt=8


This small sized app so can run in any iOS device. I have download this app and started using. As i also use to listening to music while i walking some where. So now i can enjoy my music – but still can hear if any danger! The V2.5 is heavily refined, has a new helpful interface and includes all the features that were previously paid options! Awareness! will interrupt your music for sudden loud noises like cars, screams or announcements. A must-have for joggers, cyclists and travelers.

★ Awareness! could save your life, stop you missing a flight, or just let you listen & talk
★ If you walk, run, jog or cycle with headphones, you need Awareness!
★ Listen to music AND the outside world
★ Warnings, shouts, sirens, alarms and conversations won’t be missed
★ Awareness! listens to the outside world using built-in microphones and headsets. If a sound exceeds background noise, Awareness feeds the sound into your headphones and you hear it!
★ Joggers & cyclists – hear that truck before it flattens you
★ Travelers – watch a movie without missing your announcements
★ Workers – listen to music but hear the phone ringing
★ Multitaskers – talk to friends AND listen to music at the same time!

Awareness! works by monitoring ambient sound – when the volume passes a threshold you set, the mic input is passed through to your headphones.
– Auto or Manual Listening Levels – Choose the level that sounds interrupt your music, or let the app monitor background levels at an interval of your choice.
– Bypass/Mic – Manual override to listen to what’s going on around you
– Ducking – Lowers music when the mic is triggered
– Vibrate Alarm – Vibrates when mic is triggered – warning you of dangerous environmental noise levels.
(Note: Works with all audio apps except iPod player)
– AutoPause – Pauses music when the mic is triggered (For iPod Player only)
– ClearVoice – Makes speech picked up by the microphone clearer and easier to hear
– NoiseMeter – A dB Meter which measures environmental noise

★ EAR CARE: If you need to turn the microphone volume up high, you could be listening to music too loudly
★ SAFETY: We say NEVER wear headphones where there is any risk of personal danger!

– iOS4.2 or above. iOS5+ tested
– iPhone 4S/4/3GS
. Pod Touch 4. iPad1/2 with iOS 4.2+
. iPod Touch 3 with headset

Current Version: 2.5
Size: 3.2 MB

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