BiteSMS 5.2 Released With iOS 4.3 Support

BiteSMS, the killer application of the jailbreak, has updated to version 5.2! BiteSMS brings so much more to the table then your average SMS app, including things like contact photo’s on the notification window, quick reply functionality, scheduled texts and much much more.


* TextFreak which claims to route SMS messages completely free of charge using your iPhones data connection,
* The ability to remember your routing preferences per contact,
* Better ringtone support for iOS 4.2.1,
* Reduced volume for built in ringtones (when using headphones),
* Privacy mode enhancements ([Open] and [Call] buttons should display as active / inactive as expected),
* Small bug fix for scheduled messages.

BiteSMS 5.2 is available on Cydia in trial version, or you have to pay for the full version.


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