Casemate iPhone 4 Bounce Case

Bounce collection from case-mate and pong give the gift of style and safety this holiday season.Casemate release new iPhone 4 bounce case and this bounce case can protects your noodle from inevitable radiation baking.Radiation-reducing cases for iPhone 4 smartphones available now at………

Just in time for holiday gift-giving, Bounce, the stylish, radiation-reducing collection of smartphone cases, is now available for purchase. case-mate, known for its innovative accessories that protect, adorn and enhance mobile technology, developed the line in partnership with Pong, the global leader in technologies that protect users of wireless devices from radiation exposure.Available in an assortment of bold colors, Bounce cases employ patented technology from Pong that redirects radiation away from consumers. The devices are proven in laboratories certified by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to redirect at least 60 percent of “normal” cell phone radiation and 85 percent of “hot spot” radiation away from users while maintaining full signal strength.

Features :

  • Innovative: Bounce cases feature a sleek design coupled with ground-breaking radiation-reducing technology.
  • Trustworthy: The devices are proven in FCC-certified laboratories.
  • Effective: A paper-thin internal  deflects circuit board away from the user at least 60 percent of constant radiation and re-directs 85 percent or more of “hot spot” radiation.
  • Durable: The slim, flexible case is impact resistant, so the phone is protected from potential scratches and scrapes.

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