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Charge Your iPhone Wirelessly With iQi

Wireless charging may still be a budding concept, but it is catching up fast and is expected to become the mainstream charging mode in the next few years. Earlier we have seen how one can charge his/her iPhone 4S wirelessly through a small modification. And now with the help of iQi, you can charge iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and iPod Touch (5G) wirelessly.

iQi Wireless Charging

iQi Mobile is a Qi standard wireless charging receiver with a uniquely designed lightning connector attached via an ultra-thin flexible ribbon cable. The iQi Mobile powers your iPhone conveniently through the lightning connector, that seamlessly disappears behind your soft iPhone case. This technology enables you to top off your charge on any Qi compatible charging pad, like the Koolpuck charger.

iQi Wireless Charging

Plugging the iQi into your iPhone is pretty straightforward, although it helps to have a fingernail long enough to push the connector snugly into the port. At that point you just bend the flexible plastic ribbon over so the main bulk of the iQi sits flush with the back of your iPhone (that’s bend, not fold; the ribbon won’t stand up to any kind of creasing). A flat silicon disk is also provided in the pack which you can stick onto the iQi’s rear to stop it sliding around on the phone’s rear.

Flexible Plastic Ribbon

Of course you will need a Qi charger plate to use the iQi with — such as the KoolPuck or KoolPad — or another charger plate that uses the Qi wireless charging standard. You’ll also need a soft-case to help protect the iQi and keep it fixed in place — unless you fancy augmenting your iPhone’s rear with duct tape.

iQi Wireless Charger

However, the iQi makers successfully raised more than 5 times funding ($161,500) than pledged amount ($30,000) via Indiegogo. For more details, hit the link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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