Charge The Apple iPad From Any Computer

Recent issues for an iPad is most low-powered USB port can’t charge Apple iPad device or the issue known as “iPad Not Charging“.

The iPad Not Charging problem mostly because under-powered USB ports on most of the Windows and Mac PCs. The solution only two: 1. Buy new hardware (motherboard) or 2. Update your driver to the latest.

Fortunately there are available free driver update to make your PC Apple iPad friendly. Updating the driver allows you to charge iPad directly via USB port with simply plugin your iPad cable to connect via USB.

the two -famous- brands “Asus” and “MSI” have released their new driver update to fix iPad Not Charging issue. The iPad Not Charging Fix Update is known as i-Charger (MSI Driver) and Ai Charger (Asus Driver).The The download links are available below:

Download iCharger for iPad Charging

MSI i-Charger Update

Download Ai Charger for iPad Charging

Asus Ai Charger Update

Following video will show you more.

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