Cooties Game For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

The Cooties are loose in the lab! They’ve contaminated all your liquids and your phone! They are eating all your stars and stealing all your points! Use your fingers to fight back! Collect the stars to defeat the Cooties. Cooties is a casual iPhone game about a group of mischievous Cooties that have spread through your lab, and are now stealing your stars and points. You have to use your fingers to touch the screen, dodge the Cooties, and reclaim your stars and points over a number of exciting levels. Checkout more detail bellow.

Our Review:
This is an awesome apps in iApp store. This Apps is fast, we have tested it in iPhone 3Gs, it was working there also flawlessly, though apps shows a warning that it works best in iPhone 4. This App is 25.4 MB available Language is English and cost$0.99. Its a good time passer with great visuals and worth the $0.99 as it cost.
Cooties is a fast paced action game where you:
– Touch and hold the screen, avoid the Cooties who jump, explode, and shoot kisses at you
– Move around to collect powerups like shields, stars, deflector fields, etc
– Avoid bombs, and negative items!
– Outlast the timer on each level to beat it!
– Collect stars to unlock more levels
– Play survival mode and compete with other gamers!
– Survive as long as possible before the Cooties get you!

Cooties features:
– 20 unique levels (more on the way!)
– 8 different Cooties with unique abilities
– Survival Mode for infinite replay value
– OpenFeint for leaderboards and sharing your scores

* Cooties is a super fun game where you use your fingers to dodge Cooties, collect stars, and powerups and progress through 20 unique levels while fighting off 8 different unique kinds of Cooties.
* Cooties is social! It tracks high scores, has global leaderboards, and ranks every score.
* Tom, Emil, and Pat are the three guys who spend their nights coming up with crazy stuff like this and need your help to make their dream game.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

iTune Link:Cooties

Checkout Some Screenshorts:
Checkout The video for the game:

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