Deutsche Telekom Begins iPhone 5 Pre-Orders

Without knowing any details on Apple’s next-generation iPhone, including its release date, Deutsche Telekom still began offering customers the ability to preorder the handset and customers can reserve the next-generation iPhone. The carrier is reportedly concerned about supply bottlenecks at launch of the so-called iPhone 5 and customers who request the successor to the iPhone 4 will be granted a coupon for when it finally goes on sale. When the handset is released in the country it will be the first time the carrier has not had the iPhone as an exclusive device at launch and it is looking more likely we will see the iPhone 5 during October……………….


Those wanting an iPhone 5 can purchase a unit right now and Deutsche Telekom customers can reserve a next-generation iPhone. Instead T-Mobile or its international parent company Deutsche Telekom has begun taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5. Just don’t expect Apple to get involved yet, as it’s still too busy offering a no comment on when the iPhone 5 will or arrive or whether the next-gen iPhone even exists. The cruel twist for customers in the U.S. is that Deutsche currently sells the iPhone across Europe, but not on its American subsidiary T-Mobile, which it’s in the process of attempting to spin off to AT&T. That leaves current T-Mobile customers in limbo regarding the iPhone 5 as the proposed merger has met resistance from the U.S. government and T-Mobile customers can take solace in the fact that neither AT&T nor Verizon, who already off the iPhone 4 nor Sprint, who has thus far been outside the iPhone market is offering the iPhone 5 yet either. Apple is said to have sent ten million or more iPhone 5 units into production well ahead of the device’s launch, in order to avoid the continued scenario faced by its iPad 2 and iPhone 4 before it in which the device launched with insufficient initial inventory. Some of those in line went home empty and stores suffered shortages for weeks or months. After so many iPhone 4 preorders were placed that AT&T’s servers crashes, preorders were halted prematurely. To the chagrin of T-Mobile customers in the United States, today’s Deutsche move signals nothing in particular about the fate of a T-Mobile iPhone 5. Deutsche must be expecting the device to launch in all of its regions within perhaps a month or it might be disinclined to begin the process so early.



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