New Wallpapers For iOS 7 Is Here, Download Now!

Apple is about to bring plenty of new awesome backgrounds and wallpapers to iOS 7. Though it’s not released yet, but you can download them right now from here!


Alongside the official announcement of two new flagship smartphoneiPhone 5C and iPhone 5S with iOS 7 GM (Gold Master), Apple has also added a ton of new and exciting backgrounds and wallpapers for iPhone as well as other iDevice. The new features include still and dynamic wallpapers into iOS 7. Some of these wallpapers seem to match the colors available for the just-announced iPhone 5C.

The set of these gorgeous wallpapers will officially be launched on September 18. Since everyone is very excited about these amazing wallpapers, we have brought some amazing wallpapers so that you can have a preview of them. You can download these wallpapers just by a tap, hold and save, and then you can use it with your iPhone.

iOS 7 Wallpaper 5
iOS 7 Wallpaper 16
iOS 7 Wallpaper 7
iOS 7 Wallpaper 3
iOS 7 Wallpaper 4
iOS 7 Wallpaper 21
iOS 7 Wallpaper 8
iOS 7 Wallpaper 17
iOS 7 Wallpaper 10
iOS 7 Wallpaper 22
iOS 7 Wallpaper 1
iOS 7 Wallpaper 15
iOS 7 Wallpaper 6
iOS 7 Wallpaper 14
iOS 7 Wallpaper 23
iOS 7 Wallpaper 24

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