Evasi0n: iOS 6 Jailbreak Downloaded More Than 1.7 Million Times Already

A day ago, we reported that the iPhone 5 jailbreak tool, Evasion, had been released. Millions of iOS users were eagerly waiting for the release. That may explain the fact that within the period of less than two days since the tool was released, evasi0n has been downloaded more than 1.7 million times!


The team who developed evasi0n is called evad3rs and boasts some of the seasoned iOS hackers. However, the numbers regarding the download statistics of evasi0n have come from Cydia’s team.

The amount of traffic generated by eager jailbreakers is so much that Cydia’s servers have gone offline more than once since evasi0n’s release. Commenting on the wild popularity of the tool, Forbes states ‘In its first six hours online, the crack had already been used at least 800,000 times, according to Jay Freeman, administrator of the Cydia appstore for jailbreakers, and he says that’s a conservative estimate–his count was fouled up when the tsunami of traffic knocked his server offline several times over the course of the jailbreak’s first day online. By Tuesday his count was up to 1.7 million.”

Those numbers are quite mind-blowing but they are not unexpected. The iOS user base has grown into hundreds of millions over the years and many of these iOS devices run the 6.0-6.1 build of the firmware. Naturally, a huge portion of these users wants to accomplish untethered jailbreak on their devices.

Source: Forbes

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