Generate Photoshop File from Android App with Capture PSD in Android 2.2

There are many other useful features that come with android 2.2 update apart from flash 10.1, native internet tethering, and application manager. Visit here for feature list of android 2.2 Froyo. Every blog talk about these listed features which come with FroYo ROM but have you heard about the new Capture PSD tool.

Capture PSD can be found in HierarchyViewer (tool to inspect and debug user interfaces on Android devices) and requires an emulator or phone running Android 2.2 Froyo. Once you load a view hierarchy, just press the Capture PSD button in the toolbar as shown in screenshot below.

In the following examples a PSD file from the Android Market application was exported and the UI was changed a little bit to see what it would look like with the tabs at the top. Exported screenshots as PSD layered files are indeed helpful especially for designers to understand how the UI has been built.

Each layer is named either after the id of the corresponding view, or after the class name of the view.

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