Google Relished Voice over Web Applications

Google has just Relished the Google Voice web application for iPhone and Palm WebOS devices providing a fast mobile application that is lighter and fast loading HTML5 standard.
The company went ahead and launched it as a Web app. The mobile page was rolled out on Tuesday, optimized for both the iPhone and Palm’s WebOS devices, bringing users some of the same functionality that Android users already enjoy natively.

The best thing is you don’t have to download anything and install a new app on your phone. You simply visit the Google Voice mobile site at and you’re good to go – that is make calls from your phone showing your Google Voice number as the caller ID. The Google Voice web app also lets you listen to voicemail and read voicemail transcripts, send and receive text messages for free and make international calls at low rates.

So here’s how it works: much like with its mobile Gmail site, the app caches your contacts list in a browser page. All the usual GV functionality is there, writing SMS messages, checking your inbox, and even listening to voicemails.Placing phone calls is an interesting trick: as pictured above, after you choose the recipient, the app prompts you to call one of Google’s local numbers via the native dialer — even for international calls, hence the lower rates by paying through Google. The recipient will see your proper GV digits, and upside with this method is you’ll still be able to utilize call waiting and background usage.


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