Google Search Application On iOS Adds Voice Recognition Feature

Back in August, Google announced it would update its search application for iOS with voice recognition “in a couple days.” But that clearly did not happen. Apple has taken two months to approve the new Google Search application — finally releasing it early Tuesday afternoon.

This update brings voice functionality to the application, similar to Google Now on Android devices. It fares closely with Siri, except all queries run through the Google search engine.

How It Works?

Tap on the “Voice” microphone icon within the app and ask your question in clear voice. For example — asking for the weather in San Francisco will present the 6-day forecast along with hour-by-hour details of temperature, precipitation etc. According to Google, you can ask the application just about any question and Google Voice will read you back the answer aloud. Watch the video below tendered by Google.

Here’s how Google describes the service — “simply say what you want and get results without typing” and “get answers spoken directly back to you with web results tailored to your questions.” Yeah, it sounds just like Siri, and we’re surprised Apple didn’t deny the application due to the close similarities.

Google Search supports the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on iOS 4.2 and above. The application furthermore has iPhone 5 support, meaning the 4-inch display will be supported. To download Google Search for iOS app go to iTunes.

Source: The Next Web

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