Big Day For App Updates: Popular Apps That Got iOS 7 Makeover

Along with the newly released iOS 7, Apps developers have worked very hard to redesign their apps and optimize those for use with Apple‘s updated operating system. Waking up this morning, there were 19 apps waiting to be updated on my iPhone. Most of these apps have got huge transformation from the previous version. In this bunch of updated apps, we have compiled a quick list which got dramatic changes to show off new iOS 7 as well as download link has been added below.




Facebook has got a bright makeover for iOS 7 which reveals with a brand new look and better feel. Keeping touch with friends and family is now faster than ever. You can quickly get to News Feed, Requests, Messages, Notifications and more just by tapping the bottom of your screen. It gives you easy access to Events, Groups, Pages, Photos, etc. Facebook for iOS is now available in more languages such as Czech, Finnish, Polish, Swedish and traditional Chinese. Overall performance has been improved as well as bug issues have been fixed through this update.

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Evernote has got the biggest makeover for iOS 7. It has been fully redesigned with a clean and crisp design theme. The note-taking app has got the card-style navigation so that notes, books, tags, shortcuts and announcement are easier to access. It has also added better image annotations, AirDrop note sharing, PDF markup for premium users and now all notes sync automatically in the background to your account and across iDevice using new multitasking tools by iOS 7.

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Amazon brings Apple’s white theme for Kindle‘s iOS 7 update, but library page remains two shades of grey and includes Apple’s new simplistic icon set. It also brings Collections, which will let you categorize books, magazines and anything else you have already downloaded. Its flatter style controls gives you a sharp and new experience. With this update, performance and stability have been improved.

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The primary change in iOS 7 update for Twitter is aesthetic. You will get a flat toolbar at the top of the screen along with a few new buttons. It also connects with iTunes Radio where you will find music that’s currently popular on Twitter. Most importantly, Siri can now search Twitter. And this redesigned for iOS 7 version is also compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 5.

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Shazam, one of the most trending music appsĀ has welcomed iOS 7 to the world with a fresh new look. It has replaced its black theme with crisp white lower menu bar which is transparent, mirroring the blue background color present throughout the application. You can now share your Shazamed moments through mentioning friends and places when you post to Facebook. It will remind you about your most recent discovery after opening the app and just with a tap, you can buy the track. Now Shazam can speak in more languages such as Czech, Polish and Russian.

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AroundMe has completely redesigned the latest version for iOS 7. Now it is simpler and more enjoyable and fully compatible with the stunning new iOS 7 style. It has also embraced Apple’s white-and-flat design. The visual style with glyphs inside colored circles so that you can display in a list view or a grid. It is easier to scan categories and tap one to begin searching for results.

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With Parallax in iOS 7, Flipboard brings your magazine covers to life. It has added more social network options. You can now delete unwanted comments directly from your magazines and you can also report inappropriate users and comments. Now Flipboard supports Russian language.

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That’s it for now. Let us know what you would’ve included in the list.

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