Google Wallet For iOS Updated, Add Credit Cards Simply By Snapping Pictures

Google has updated its official Google Wallet app for iOS devices. The company has added a cool new feature which allows users to add new credit cards simply by snapping their pictures using an iPhone camera.

Google Wallet for iOS

The search giant has added a number of new features to the updated app. For instance, you no longer have to manually add the credit card number and expiry date of any new cards that you may wish to add to the Wallet. Instead, you can simply snap a picture of the new card using an iPhone and the app would automatically figure out its details.

Moreover, if you are already using a Google app on your iOS device, you can use the same login to sign up for Wallet. This eliminates the need to create an all-new identity for the app, allowing you to stick to a single login for most Google apps.

The Google Wallet card can also be used to make purchases at countless MasterCard locations as well as to withdraw cash from compatible ATM machines. The ease of storing and spending money using the Wallet app is why it has gained a lot of momentum in the recent months.

Finally, if you are skeptical about the security of all that financial information stored on your Wallet app, worry not. Google has put in place a number of security measures such as PIN code, Purchase Protection and fraud monitoring at all times, ensuring that all the transactions taking place through your Wallet app are by you.

You can get the updated Google Wallet app for free from the Play Store.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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