iOS 5 Jailbreak Will Features Widgets For Notification Center

Third party Widgets for Notification Center on their way to iOS 5 via jailbreak and iOS 5 will allow those developers to create widgets for their applications. A whole new Android-inspired pull-down notification system was also introduced alongside many tweaks to the five year old mobile operating system and so is highly likely that we might see third party widgets for iOS 5 notification center release in Cydia………..


Some developers find develop the third-party widget for the iOS 5 notification center is technically feasible, but Apple’s official given only two widgets; weather widget and stock widget and  third-party widget can only run on iPhone and iPod Touch; can not support iPad currently. A developer named WillFour20 has already figured out a way to develop a simple widget as a proof of concept that it is possible to create widgets within the Notification Center and it would be ideal to open up the Notification Center to third party developers. This proof of concept demonstrates that even without proper tools provided by Apple in the SDK, making widgets for Notification Center is technically possible and jailbreak developer Chronic informed 9to5Mac that all a developer needs to do is create a custom view interface and compile it is a bulletinboard plugin. Bulletinboard is Apple’s internal codename for the iOS 5 Notification Center and we can only hope that Apple opens up the Notification Center to be a third-party home to widgets and the odd thing about iOS 5′s Notification Center is that the widget section is only compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch; hopefully Apple is dreaming up something similar for iPad customers.



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