iOS Warning Messages Suggest Apple May Start Supporting FaceTime On 3G

FaceTime, the video chat service that is available in Apple’s devices, has been wildly popular among iOS users. However, Apple has been rather reluctant in letting the users make use of the service over 3G. Currently, Apple allow users to make FaceTime calls only when they do so over Wi-Fi. But now, an iOS warning message suggests that Apple may have plans of changing this.

This has been hinted in a warning message that pops up on current iOS devices. The specific message pops up when a user turns off 3G while in the middle of a FaceTime chat and it reads, “Disabling 3G may end FaceTime. Are you sure you want to disable 3G?”

Currently, FaceTime is supported only on Wi-Fi and Apple does not offer 3G support for the feature. So it is absurd and illogical that this message should pop up on iOS devices. The only reason that could be of thought of, then, is that Apple is perhaps planning on rolling out 3G support for FaceTime and this message accidentally pops up on user’s message, having been included in the firmware pre-emptively.

Moreover, this has been further corroborate by another message. When an iOS user turns back the 3G on, the message that pops up reads, “Enabling 3G will end your phone call. Are you sure you want to enable 3G?” However this does not end or interrupt any FaceTime call. Both these error messages hint that Apple may finally give in to the long-time desire of iOS users, the ability to use FaceTime across a faster, 3G connection.

Source: iDevice

News/Image Courtesy: AppleInsider

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