iPAD’s new data tariff specially for Orange,O2 and Vodafone

Apple has silently put the UK iPad data plans up on its website before networks Orange, O2 and Vodafone have had a chance to issue news themselves.

O2 surprisingly is offering more data for its buck, with 500MB offered for £2 per day, whereas Orange is only giving 200MB a day for the same rate.Different time periods are offered, with O2 charging £10 for 1GB of data across a month, and Orange charging £7.50 for 1GB of data a week.

Both networks are charging £15 for 3GB of data a month.But for a a heavy user it’s looking like Orange is offering the most in total—10GB for £25 a month.Vodafone charging £25 for 5GB of data a month, or £10 for 250MB a month.

iPad prices in the UK aren’t much higher than in the US.The Wi-Fi versions will cost £429 for 16GB, £499 for 32GB and £599 for 64GB, with the 3G models coming in at £529, £599 and £699 each.

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