iPhone 3G iOS 4.0 JailBreaking Tool RedSn0w Gets Update[Download Link+Guide]

iPhone Dev Team member @MuscleNerd just informed us about an update of RedSn0w. It’s now updated to 0.9.5B5-5. It fixes APN & MMS issue. Get Download Link & Guide from below.

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The Last version of RedSn0w was 0.9.5 Beta 5-4. Which fixed the iBook issue, but cause many JailBreaker to lose 3G Data and MMS, it cause the problem in APN data. While we were waiting for RedSn0w final version, then MuscleNerd just tweeted about another beta update. He tweeted it like that

Latest redsn0w http://is.gd/buMgi should fix any APN/MMS issues (remember to deselect Cydia if it’s already installed)

In their wikee they also explained –

The latest redsn0w beta should fix any APN or MMS issues that users were seeing. It’s safe to re-run it on an already jailbroken iPhone without restoring…just deselect “Install Cydia” if you do that.

So, you already have JailBroken, then just rerun it without selecting Cydia.

Download Link:

RedSn0w 0.9.5B5-5 Windows
RedSn0w 0.9.5B5-5 Mac

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  1. Austind745li

    will i lose any data on the phone if I rerun it on my phone?

  2. Asif2BD

    make sure you made backup in iTune. Then after JailBreak just restore.

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