iPhone 3GS Owners are still paying for the next iPhone

When the iPhone 3GS went on sale last June, AT&T told folks who’d bought subsidized iPhone 3GS a year previously that they didn’t qualify to buy a 3GS at the full subsidy.

But after lots of vocal complaints from iPhone 3G owners who wanted to be iPhone 3GS early adopters, the company decided to let some of them buy the 3GS model on contract at the same price as new customers and those who had fulfilled earlier contracts.

When the next iPhone comes around there was not any exact date later than this july.AT&T presumably wants to avoid the confusion, bad publicity, and need for backpedaling that accompanied the 3G release. And Greg Kumparak of MobileCrunch has an interesting post noting that some AT&T customers are seeing their upgrade eligibility dates moved to June 21st, as if AT&T is prepping to let them buy new iPhones at full discount from day one.

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