iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4: Video Comparison Of Speakers Volume

The iPhone 4S has a significantly louder speaker than the iPhone 4 as this video by iDB demonstrates and iPhone 4S shows improvements in volume of 6 decibels. This is not a minute improvement when compared to iPhone 4 and it’s thought that Apple may have improved the speaker for use with Siri……………….


Apple’s new iPhone 4S comes with lounder built-in speakers and folks at iDownloadBlog have compared the speakers of Apple‘s new iPhone with iPhone 4, report that iPhone 4S speaker is much louder than iPhone 4. It is possible that Apple has increased the speaker volume for Siri, iPhone 4S‘ intelligent personal assistant and if you’re not happy with iPhone 4‘s speaker and still sitting on the fence whether should upgrade to iPhone 4S, then this should be the clincher. iDownloadBlog reports:

After our initial use, we had a sneaking suspicion that Apple pumped up the volume on the iPhone 4S, so we figured that it would only be right to perform a test.

I happily headed over to iDB labs (my office) and put together a test that was as accurate as I could possibly pull off.

The results? Well, they speak for themselves. The iPhone 4S’s speaker is much louder than the iPhone 4′s

There’s no denying the evidence; as you can see from the video, the iPhone 4S pumped out 6 more decibels than the iPhone 4 when at the same volume levels.

Don’t worry, I ensured that both devices were at the same exact distance from the external mic, and that none of the sound was modified in any way.



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