iPhone 5 Motherboard Images Leaked

Yet, another iPhone 5 image leak today. This time, a Chinese WeiPhone user forum has posted a couple of photos of next-generation iPhone motherboard. It seems that, the published images are front shots and rear shots of the board. And, they came from a user who posted legitimate images of iPhone 4S motherboard in 2011.

iPhone motherboard, image credit: weiphone.com

As told earlier, the new images show front and back side of iPhone 5 motherboard. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 processor does not appear in the images, though a smaller SIM card slot is seen. The images also show that the iPhone 5 battery connector has four pins instead of five pins. Experts says it to be an indication of a higher-capacity battery; just like a battery image leak claimed, earlier toady.

iPhone motherboard, image credit: weiphone.com

Source: CNET

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