iPhone 5, Verizon iPhone 4 coming in October

Apple has decided to give free cases to everyone who buys an iPhone 4. However, they limit that offer until Sept. 30th. Why would they do that? Perhaps an updated design will appear in October…..

Watch the slides which were presented by Steve Jobs while addressing the iPhone 4’s attenuation issues during Apple iPhone 4 press conference. Throughout the conference, Steve Jobs maintained that only a small number of users are experiencing a problem and to soothe all infuriated iPhone 4 customers, offered a free case through September 30.

The new iPhone 5 or the CDMA version of an iPhone 4 which was earlier reported to arrive in January next year by Bloomberg.During Q&A session, one of the reporters asked in reference to the free bumpers: On the September 30th date, is that to let people know that you’ll have to buy a case? Steve replied: “We will re-examine this in September and decide whether to keep going, or maybe we will have a better idea.”

Ostensibly, some rumors surfaced few days back that Apple has already started shipping iPhone 4 with non-conductive coating which fixes antenna issue. If we believe on those rumors then, apparently, Apple found flaw in the design which they have never accepted so far. But, during iPhone 4 press conference, just before closing the presentation.

Although it could mean they want to see what the reaction is to the free cases (they did note that only a small percentage of customers have complained), it could also mean a slight redesign of the iPhone 4.

If the antennagate issues persists then Apple might take a call to introduce new iPhone 4 design by October to us. Most likely, a new iPhone 4, that might ship with non-conductive coating. We may expect Verizon iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 announcement as well.

Steve Jobs knows very well that iPhone 4 without a phone (due to frequent call drops) is just a multimedia device where you can only play with apps and to maintain credibility among customers, he has to provide full proof solution for which he has set a deadline of September 30th for himself.

It’s been pointed out that a small amount of non-conductive material applied to the external antenna could fix the issue (without the need for a case, that is). At any rate, we won’t see the iPhone 5 in October. There is no way Apple will release a totally new design. We might see an iPhone 4a.

What do you think about Steve Jobs “better idea”? Is it iPhone 5, or a CDMA iPhone 4 on Verizon or an iPhone 4 coated with non-conductive coating? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. iknowthings

    Verizon insiders already know that the coating is what will be the permanent fix.

  2. Raymond

    get over it, you are not getting a verizon tmobile or sprint iphone at least until iphone 6.0
    the earliest youll hear apple say anything is january 2012 to get goverment approval like the original iphone, or wwdc 2012 when the announce all iphone hardware refreshes.

  3. iknowthingz

    You are sadly mistaken. It already exists. It will be released early 2011. LTE Ipad too.

  4. Anonymous


  5. sw_601

    They will probably just ship a bumper with every new iPhone.

  6. sw_601

    They will probably just ship a bumper with every new iPhone.

  7. apple-pie

    iphone 4 has bigger problems than antenna. i was having a problem with web pages loading extremely slowly on my iphone 4. i put it next to my wife’s 3Gs and loaded the same website on both phones at the same time. the iphone 4 was running 4.0.2 so the signal reading should have been accurate. even with 3 bars, the iphone 4 was loading data extremely slowly. even google’s home page was taking over a minute to load and sometimes wouldn’t load at all. the old 3Gs brought up google’s page in about 1 second. it appeared to be similar to the problem steve jobs was having at the iphone 4’s debut press conference. i took video of my comparison test and showed it to an apple genius when i returned the iphone 4. APPLE, ARE YOU READING THIS??? THERE IS A LARGER PROBLEM THAN JUST THE SIGNAL STRENGTH. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS BUT YOU NEED TO FIGURE THIS OUT.

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