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DJ and electronic music apps for the iPhone aren’t much of a stretch–after all, a lot of electronic musicians have been using computers as their primary instrument since the 1990s, and the iPhone is as powerful as the highest-powered desktops from a decade ago…….

Although there’s been no shortage of iPhone DJ apps in the past few years, they’ve remained fairly niche, since Apple didn’t allow devs official access to the iPod music library — mobile DJs needed to upload a second separate music library per app, and that’s no fun at all. Looks like that’s about to change, though: one of the 1500 new APIs in iOS 4 provides direct access to the iPod library, meaning music apps of all kinds can play your tracks in any wacky way they want.

Best iPad Apps. Gadget News, If you go on youtube.com right now and type in the words IPad DJ you will see something remarkable. There are a bunch of DJ’s who have given up their normal vinyl turntables or their Serratos (professional CD turntables) and are using the IPad as the device that that they use to DJ clubs. When Apple first decided to create the IPad this is probably something that they did not think that it would be used for. But it is and there is a bunch of software for the device that accommodates this use. In this article we will show you three pieces of software that you can get out of the app store right now that will allow you to have a DJ set up with your IPad. And just like a professional DJ set up you can even use two IPads at the same time. So if you have ever had a dream to get on stage and spin the wheels of steel, now is your time to do it.

The one piece of software that everyone seems to love when it comes to DJing on the IPad is this one right here. The software is called Mixr and it gives you the look and feel of placing your hands on a real technic 1200. Unlike some of the other DJ software that is on the market, the creators of Mixr hope that the software will be taken serious by real life club DJ’s. For this reason, they are adding all types of different professional features that any DJ would love. These features include Cross fading, dragging and dropping tracks, delays and filters. If you are a DJ then all of these features should be welcomed news. They also have a plan to update the software to IOS 4 compatibility when it is released for the IPad. If you are looking to take your DJing seriously then Mixr is a great place to start.

Another piece of software for the IPad when it comes to DJing is called Flare. This software started life on the IPhone and has now found its way on the IPad. While on the IPhone the software only had one turntable. With theIPad the software now has two. This software is mainly for beginner DJ’s and the look and feel of it pretty much expresses that. The software is not as feature rich as the Mixr software that we talked about earlier but if you want to quickly get a DJ booth set up on your IPad then this is the software to do it.

Not to be outdone, Agile Partners–which has made several guitar-oriented apps for iPhone, including the highly touted Guitar Toolkit–just announced a very similar set of products, created in conjunction with music gear manufacturer Peavey. The iPhone app is called AmpKit and it will come free with one amp, two cabinets, two microphones, and three pedals; you can buy additional virtual gear from within the app. To use it, you’ll need Peavey’s AmpKit Link, which connects your guitar to your Apple device and gives you an output for headphones, powered speakers, or a PA system. Both the app and the device will be available later this year, but Peavey is now taking preorders for the Link.

The last iPad app that we will discuss is a little different than the first two. It allows you to DJ but it doesn’t have the turntable feel as the other two that we discussed. The app is called Groovemaker House and it will allow you to throw a professional DJ set just like the other two. The software interface is not as intuitive but once you are comfortable with it then it will more than get the job done.

The first app to support the new API in the store is Flare Scratch, which is a relatively simple scratch app — we just gave it a shot and yes, it does indeed load tracks from the iPod library and let you scratch ’em. There’s a bit of a wait when loading up a new track, though, so it’s not totally fluid to use in anything but a hey-this-is-fun context, but we’re betting we’ll see more serious DJ apps hit with smoother transitions soon enough — and we can’t wait to see what devs do once iOS 4 hits the iPad and they’ve got more room to work with.

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  1. Kami

    The header says iPhone DJ apps, the pictures are iPhones.. yet the text gives us some cool iPad apps to try.. is it so weird that I’m curious about the IPHONE apps..??

  2. Kami

    The header says iPhone DJ apps, the pictures are iPhones.. yet the text gives us some cool iPad apps to try.. is it so weird that I’m curious about the IPHONE apps..??

  3. Mike

    Lame article. the first piece of software isn’t even available yet. It’s “under development” according to the developers own website and this article was written 6 months ago.

  4. Anonymous

    cue play dj is the best iPhone dj app– they have a free trial now too worth a look..

  5. DJ Clever

    Sonorasaurus Rex for the iPad is a legit professional all in one DJ set up.

  6. Ill-subliminal

    Flare scratch is awesome pure turntablism i love juggling,gets some used to to get it down. Dev tem please put that app on the android marjet please lol.

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