iPhone Mini May Be Priced Between $250 And $300

We have been hearing rumors of a potential mini iPhone for quite some time now. Analysts have speculated that Apple will release a mini-smartphone to compete against low-budget smartphones in the developing markets. Now, Brian White of Topeka Capital has claimed that Apple may keep the price tag of a mini iPhone between $250 and $300.


Of course, nothing about a potential mini-version of Apple’s flagship smartphone has been confirmed by the company itself.  In other words, all the talk about mini iPhone has been speculation so far. Nonetheless, it does make sense for Apple to launch such a smartphone in order to be more competitive against vendors such as Samsung.

Topeka Capital analyst, Brian White, has now chimed in with his own views about a mini iPhone. According to him, he is convinced that Apple would launch such a device and that the company may do so as early as June this year.

Moreover, White claims that Apple will name the device either ‘iPhone mini’ or ‘iPhone air.’ This is interesting since although we have heard many opinions about a smaller iPhone, no claims towards its name had been made so far.

White further states, “A $250-$300 price range would also be competitive with China-based Xiaomi that offers a high-end phone experience at a mid-range price of ~$320 in China. We believe a $250-to-$300 price point will allow Apple to significantly expand its reach in the smartphone market and better address developing markets such as China, while opening up more opportunities in Brazil, Russia, India and elsewhere.”

Source: Forbes

Courtesy: 9to5mac

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