A New Kickstarter Campaign Launched To Turn Broken iPhone Into Usable Items

There are many people who will agree with me that some of the Kickstarter campaigns are really praiseworthy. And seems like we are going to see another one now. Lately, a new Kickstarter campaign has been launched to aid a new service that will transform broken iPhone into entirely new objects like earrings, clocks, coasters and many more.

Turn Broken iPhones Into New Objects

This new Kickstarter campaign is called Twice Used. It has been launched by Chris Koerner. Usually when an iPhone breaks (some portion or entire), people either keeps using the phone (if it remains in a condition to be used) or else he/she has no option except for repairing it or else throwing it away. But Koerner decided to reuse the broken phone parts and that’s why he launched Twice Used project. Needless to say that, under the project your broken iPhone which you were supposed to throw away at a corner in your house, will be turned into new objects like earrings, clocks, coasters and many more. Be noted, the parts used to create the unique pieces generally come from other repair shops.

Twice Used Kickstarter Campaign

Koerner has said, “There will always be a market for this. People have always been and will always be breaking their phones… If it weren’t for my repair experience, I wouldn’t have known that these materials are harmful to the environment.”

Twice Used

I need to clear that iPhone users can’t send their broken smartphones directly to Twice Used, bit they will be able to purchase the items made from other discarded models by visiting Twice Used’s Kickstarter site. The campaign site is designed to serve as a point-of-purchase until the team launches its own official website.

At present, Koerner is trying to raise a fund of $10,000 by Wednesday, December 18 before 2:41 pm EST. As of writing, Koerner has collected a fund of $3,189 from 59 backers. Here’s a video regarding the new Kickstarter campaign.

Source: Kickstarter

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