Layar Player For iPhone

Amsterdam-based company release new Layar Player for iPhone and lets others embed augmented reality in iPhone apps.Layar Player is a free and easy tool allowing you to offer AR experiences directly within your own iPhone App and a unique piece of code that can be embedded in your App like a YouTube video on a website…..

Layar announced Layar Player is out of beta. The Player is now available to all agencies, brands and developers to include AR for free in their own iPhone applications (apps) andr each over a million active users on the Layar platform.The beta period concludes with the launch of three Layar Player enabled iPhone apps – Bing sponsored Snowboard Hero, an augmented reality extension in the popular game that allows players to earn more points; Layar Trade, an application helping people view recent projects and work from local builders and VerbeterdeBuurt, an application to improve your neighborhood, letting neighbors post their issues and ideas for the public space on the map.his Bing sponsored game gives you the opportunity to collect extra credits by using augmented reality based on GPS position.VerbeterdeBuurt is a tool for citizens to report any disturbance within their neighborhood directly to their municipality.

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