More iPhone 5 Parts Suggest Thinner Design

The Greek iPhone now has some photos from some parts of the iPhone 5, with Apple expected to take the wraps off the company’s latest smartphone lineup within weeks, more rumored iPhone 5 parts have started to leak out and the iPhone 5 will be thinner than the current model and it will also feature volume buttons on the opposite side of where they sit now on the iPhone 4………….


GreekiPhone has gotten a hold of some components said to be for the device which further corroborate the thinner design theory. Interestingly enough, the parts also indicate that the volume buttons will switch sides and be situated on the right-hand side of the device rather than the left. Most people are right-handed and will have to use thumbs to operate the volume rather than fingers, although it will have a slight effect if you use both volume buttons for activator commands. The camera module is also significantly different from the one which currently resides in iPhone 4 devices and it is largely expected that the highly-successful iPhone 4 snapper will get a tasty upgrade from 5 megapixel to 8 megapixel. Such a significant improvement will only further propel the unprecedented popularity of the iPhone camera, which has become a huge hit with amateur photographers on the likes of Flickr. The hinner design and sharper image capturing are two of the many features consumers are looking for when the announcement is made. Many other features are still floating about which give us a relative picture of what’s to be expected. A larger screen is on the cards, and Apple could quite easily add a few extra millimeters without compromising the Retina Display, although it would be a disappointment to lose pixel density. With all the issues that Apple has had with screen production of late, we probably won’t be getting an improved display, despite the fact that it will probably be larger. Those looking for true HD from an iDevice will have to hang on for the iPad 3. It is also hoped that we could see a 64GB version of the iPhone this time around, to give those with an extensive music, video and app catalogue more space to play around with.



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