New Civil War App Is Out For Apple iPad Before 4th Of July

A new Revolutionary War app to remind us why we’re celebrating July 4th. 150 years after the start of the American Civil War, HISTORY presents The Civil War Today, a ground-breaking app created by Bottle Rocket Apps exclusively for the iPad. Experience the war as it unfolded, one day at a time, with daily updates that let you live the events in “real-time” over the course of four years.

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The Civil War Today includes:
• Daily Civil War updates from April 12, 2011 through April 26, 2015. The app content updates ONE DAY AT A TIME, precisely mirroring the events of 150 years ago
• “In the Headlines” featuring newspapers from every day of the war.
• Running tallies of the North and South casualty counts.
• “A Day in the Life” with personal letters and diary entries from 15 individuals including Abraham Lincoln, Horatio Nelson Taft, and Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut.
• Photo of the day and photo galleries.
• Quote of the day.
• Articles and video on featured topics.
• Authentic period maps from key battlegrounds.
• Daily North-South quiz.
• Detailed background scenes that put you in the time and place of the Civil War. (Northern city, Southern plantation, Western frontier town, military camp).
• Twitter integration to send a telegram via morse code.
• GameCenter integration to earn Civil War era appropriate achievements – and display them in a virtual medals case.
• Airplay integration for viewing of app video via Apple TV.
• Advanced multi-finger gesture functionality and custom toolbar for deep navigation.

This app is developed and produced by Multieducator, is aimed to educate students about the American Revolution, citing a New York Times report about just how bad U.S. students are when it comes to history tests.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Checkout some screenshorts bellow:

This War app does have plenty of information about major players and battles, detailed maps and even some myths, which might prove fun for sharing around a campfire.

The Revolutionary War app is available to download from the iTunes App Store for the iPad (and the iPhone and iPod touch) for $4.99 now.

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