New game for iPhone “Football Agent”

Here’s one for iPhone-ownin’ soccer (that’s football in Europe) fans. The name of the game is Football Agent, and it’s actually a port of MouseBreakers’ online title for the iPhone, iPod Touch and even iPad.

We’re talking about an easy to play title, which doesn’t mean it won’t eat your time — it’s super addictive! You start with 2 million to spend on buying and selling players over 200 weeks and your goal obviously is to win over other teams and make more money (i.e. millions) along the way. Your best scores are easily shared with friends on Facebook, thanks to the Facebook Connect integration.

And that’s the basic description of Football Agent. As I love this kind of games (ever since the original Championship Manager), it’s definitely worth 99 cents in my book. If you’re not sure whether you’ll like it too, the following demo video can help you decide. The video, as usual, follows after the jump.

Football Agent ($0.99).

Source: iTunes link

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