New Siri Clone, Sara Available For iOS Devices

Siri has been hailed as one of best features of iPhone 4S and it indeed is, because it is the best voice-based personal assistant that we have known. iOS developers have worked tirelessly to jailbreak A4 devices so that they can successfully port Siri to other devices and with the availability of tools like Absinthe, this finally became possible. And now, a Vietnamese team has developed another Siri clone, called Sara, which lets you accomplish even more functions than Siri.

The first significant clone that we received after iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak became available was Spire. With Spire, you could set up Siri on your device very easily by connecting to a proxy server.

Now, we have yet another utility which makes use of Siri. This one is called Sara and has been developed by a Vietnamese dev team. The important things about Sara is that it is even more useful than Spira. It lets you ‘teach’ the voice-based assistant by feeding your own set of commands into it. The developing team says that Sara has an ‘open brain’ and those who have a knowledge of iOS development will be able to develop many new plug-ins for this Siri clone.

The best part about Sara is that it works in a number of countries apart from US, so that makes it the best Siri clone we have for now. Also, it supports a huge 37 languages, something which even original Siri could not yet do!! This is a huge achievement given the fact that the app has been released only a month ago.

To get hold of Sara and download and install it on your iOS device, head to this link.

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