NTT Docomo Worried About The Launch Schedule Of iPhone 5S

NTT Docomo is one of Japan’s major carriers and the company has been trying to reach an agreement with Apple that would let it handle iPhone sales in the country. Docomo does have a good chance of finalizing such a deal about iPhone 5S sales in Japan.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S, as per the popular speculations, is expected to be unveiled by Apple at a September 10 launch event. While Apple hasn’t confirmed the said date, all hints do point to it being authentic. As soon as Apple unveils the handset, it is expected that it would become available with the carriers and users will be able to place their orders right away.

However, all this doesn’t seem very well scheduled to NTT Docomo. In a recent interview, the senior executive vice president of the company, Kazuto Tsubouchi stated, “It would be difficult to starts sales on the 10th.”

He didn’t exactly elaborate on what kind of problems NTT Docomo may face in readying for a 10th September iPhone 5S launch. Interestingly, this comment from Tsubouchi comes at a time when Docomo hasn’t even finalized a deal with Apple and is still in talks.

It remains to be seen whether or not the two companies reach an agreement. If they do, we can expect that NTT Docomo may launch iPhone 5S in Japan a little late, compared to other carriers. Apple is expected to launch two iPhone handsets this time, so it remains to be seen whether Docomo would want to be on board for both or only the higher end iPhone 5S.

Courtesy: CNET

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