Specifications Of Low-Cost iPhone Leaked

According to reports Apple is making a cheap iPhone and may ship it this year. Patent hints that Apple’s cheap iPhone will come with plastic body and rumors say it won’t have any retina display. And there were a lot of speculations about the hardware of the low-cost iPhone. Lately, detail specifications of this low-cost iPhone has been leaked online.

Cheap iPhone

According to leaked specifications, the cheap iPhone has a trio of different codenames – Zenvo, Zagato, and Bertone.

Name Of Cheap iPhones

The Zenvo will feature a dual-core 1.23GHz “H5P process” which is built by Samsung, 1GB of RAM and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Zagato and Bertone

On the other side, the Zagato and Bertone are expensive than Zenovo and rely on processors that are based on an “H6P process” and will pack 1GB of RAM and support TDD 4G LTE .

Specicification Leaked Of Cheap iPhone

Leaked info say, Zenvo is allegedly near to mass production or already at that stage, and needs to go through a slew of electronic verification testing beforehand. However, it is being expected that Apple will announce the low-cost iPhone sometime this fall.

Source: Electronista

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