Pro Track 1.0 for iPhone Has Introduced

SolarSpark Productions has introduced Pro Track 1.0 for iPhone, their new utility that allows users to secretly record all movements made, and locations visited by anyone carrying an iPhone.Pro Track helps you log down exactly the places and at what time “the target” went.Using the latest GPS and Cell Tower triangulation technology with iOS 4+, Pro Track is capable of tracking the location and the time of location of a device even when the app is run in the background.


1. Pro Track is used to track down where your spouse / boyfriend / girlfriend / children / pet or whoever (we will refer them as “the target” from now on) with an iPhone and this app installed.

2. Open up Pro Track on the target’s iPhone.

3. Select an appropriate tracking accuracy for your scenario:

If you want to track down the target with highest possible accuracy, select “10 m” or “Best” to get location loggings within roughly 10 meters or less. Note that this setting consumes more power of the target’s device.

If you are going to track down the target’s location for a long period of time, select the “3 km” and expect to get location loggings every 3 kilometers the user travelled. This consumes only a trace amount of battery life but might not be so accurate as it calculates the target’s position using nearby cell towers instead of GPS.

4. Press the round button with a satellite icon in the center to begin tracking. When tracking has begun, this button lights up. If you wish to stop tracking, press this button again and the button light should go off.

5. Once tracking is on, you may dismiss the app, let it continue running in the background, open other apps, and it will continue to track as long as you don’t terminate the app.

6. Next time you see the target, open Pro Track again on his / her iPhone. Press the bottom button to bring out the log view and it will show where the target went and at what time. You will also know if the target quit the application and restarted it again too, then you question the target: “Why did you quit the app?”


* Secretly track the movements of any iPhone owner
* Five accuracy levels
* Tracking is performed invisibly in the background
* Records a detailed log of date, time, and location
* Ideal for long-term tracking over months, or short-term over hours

Pro Track 1.0 is only $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.You can download and purchase this app directly from



Some screenshots are given below.

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