Siri Leaks It Will Support Japanese Soon

We reported earlier that according to a number of sources, Siri may soon get an update which will enable the voice-based personal assistant to support Japanese language soon. There was and still is, no word from Apple on this possible update which has been claimed to be timed for some time in next month. However, Apple may well keep all it’s secrets, Siri has spilled the beans. If you ask Siri what languages it can speak, it clearly admits it can speak Japanese.

Support for German, English and French is apparently already on Siri. But support for Japanese isn’t publicly available with Siri. Once Apple rolls out support for Japanese on Siri, it may bump Apple’s sales of iPhone 4S in Japan. So how do we know for sure that this support is coming soon on Siri? Well..when you ask Siri a question, ‘what languages do you speak?’ Siri responds that it can speak English, French, German and now Japanese. This ‘Japanese’ in the answer is a relatively recent addition, which simply means Apple is working hard on support for Japanese and that we really are close.

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