Sony Japan Bring Two New Speaker Docks For iPhone/iPod

Sony Japan has just announces for releasing Two new iPhone/iPod Speaker Docks the SRS-GX50IP and the portable SRS-GM5IP. Sony’s Walkman may have lost the portable music player market in Japan and the rest of the world to Apple, but that doesn’t stop from releasing accessories for their rival.

The larger model SRS-GX50IP features a 20W x 2ch output while the smaller model, the SRS-GM5IP, features a 2W x 2ch output and they both have support for the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and the iPod class/touch, fifth generation iPods, and iPod nanos, generations 2 through 6. Both models also come with a mini remote control as well which seems like a pretty good deal.

The SRS-GX50IP is already on sale in Japan at $245. And the portable SRS-GM5IP will cost just $99 when hits stores over here on June 21. But one thing Sony didn’t make any announcements regarding international sales plans.
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