Talk O’ Clock More Advanced Alarm Clocks For Your Android And iOS Devices

There is a lot and varities of Alarm Clocks devices and app in the market. And day by day Alarm clocks have been developing more and comes with multi-functions and facilities. Talk O’ Clock service also an different one, available for Android and iOS devices, in addition to the current web-based app. This app relies on the power of social networking to ensure that a complete stranger calls to wake you from your slumber.

If you are interested then you have to do just sign up for free at the TalkO’Clock website. Then Set a few alarms acording to your choice, and you are also allowed to receive a call from a male, a female or a robot, for that you have to select the voice. At the appointed time, TalkO’Clock will choose a name at random from a database of available callers, call them and then anonymously connect them to you. They are encouraged to wake you up!! It’s still at the invite-only beta stage right now, but those seem to be readily available to anyone with a Facebook account. Let’s checkout bellow how it works in the videos.

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