Top iPhone 5 Groans: Lightning Cable, Battery, Reception And More

Apple’s iPhone 5 handset was launched only a few weeks ago and the complaints are pouring in at an extreme rate. The Apple support forums are full of hilarious and serious groans, thus we will continue on to share with you the top five gripes of the iPhone 5 abducted from the support forums. A few gripes we will share with you relate to the lightning cable, battery, reception, Wi-Fi, and date & time.

Featured below is the top-five iPhone 5 groans of the Apple Support forum. The points aren’t in any specific order.

Lightning Cable Charging Issues:
A few reports on the Apple support forum have indicated Lightning cables less than a few days old are failing to charge and sync. These users have attempted charging via the wall outlet and computer, and received no luck either way. Respondents weren’t able to help solve the problem, but Apple reportedly has replaced these cables free of charge.

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iPhone 5 Battery:
Users have posted saying their recently unwrapped iPhone 5s are losing charge significantly quicker than batteries located in older-generation models. One member, Bellatone, noticed a one-percent battery loss nearly every two minutes. Apple has conducted a 48-hour diagnoses of these iPhone in-attempt to resolve the problem.

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iPhone 5 Reception:
Various Canadian carriers and Verizon users have seeked the Apple support forums to post regarding a reception issue when switching between 3G and LTE options. User, Pete Boston, said cell phone reception was horrible on AT&T and Verizon while standing near Times Square of New York City. But this issue isn’t strictly limited to New York citizens, over 200 citizens through the U.S. and Canada have replied to the thread.

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Date & Time Changes:
Mainly Verizon users are reporting their iPhone 5’s date & time changing randomly. One user stated his/her iPhone changed the time overnight and woke up beleiving it was thirty-minutes later than it really was. An Apple technician responded with this response – “issues with time provided over the air from Verizon will ultimately be for the carrier to address.”

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Wi-Fi Groans:
Between all the complaints located on the forum, Wi-Fi seems to have the largest thread. The problem mainly consists of Wi-Fi connections acting up on the iPhone 5. A few examples include horrendous download speeds and connection speeds gazing between 1 and 3 bars:

Mine keeps losing connection to WiFi constantly and with crawling .2 to .5 mbs download speeds. It is a hit and miss. While at the Apple Store meeting with Genius Bar… the wifi continued to act up in the presence of the rep with wifi bars changing from 3 bars down to 1.

Many users were capable of fixing these Wi-Fi issues with a simple restore. This can be completed via iTunes or visiting a local Apple retail store. In some cases, Apple offered customers a replacement iPhone. With many stores lacking iPhone 5 inventory, waiting periods were 3 to 5 days.

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Source: 9to5mac

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