Turn Your Entire iPhone 5 Into A Touchscreen Via Sensus Protective Case

Sensus Protective Case

There are many gorgeous casings for mobile devices in the market. Earlier we have seen 3D printing iPhone 5 case, even such iPhone cases that cost more than the iPhone itself. But this year at CES 2014, a company named Canopy in Minneapolis unveiled a new iPhone case dubbed as “Sensus protective case” that can turn an entire iPhone 5 into a touchscreen.

Sensus Protective Case
Sensus Protective Case

Sensus protective case for iPhone 5 has been created in a different way. Canopy inventors have transformed the back and sides of the Sensus protective case into pressure-sensitive pads. It works by using two different types of sensors – capacitive and resistive. The capacitive sensor picks up upon electrical current in an individual’s skin to indicate where a person’s finger is located, while the resistive sensor detects the level of pressure applied.

Sensus Protective Case For iPhone 5

When a person touches the sensors on the back and sides of the case, the built-in processors in Sensus translate that data into information that interacts with compatible apps on the smartphone. In other words, an iPhone 5, when covered with Sensus protective case and any sides on the case you touch, the entire phone becomes a touchscreen.

The Sensus protective case will work with a number of apps. The case will allow users to get a clear view of the screen and effectively increase its area. The case has been designed specially for gamers as well as social media butterflies and business people. Besides, the case could be a great helpful for some physically disabled people while using iPhone. Here’s a video for you.

Canopy has said that Sensus protective case for iPhone 5 combines ‘the best of protections and functionality.’ The company has also said that the case ‘gives interaction with apps a whole new variable and dimension that developers and users alike have never experienced before.’ In addition, Sensus protective case will not drain a iPhone’s battery quickly and will protect an iPhone from ‘bumps, drops and scratches.’

However, Sensus protective Case for iPhone 5 will cost $99 (£60). There will be Sensus protective case for iPhone 5S which will cost at $99 (£60) too. The Sensus protective case is supposed to go on sell in this summer. Unfortunately, there is no mention that when the case will be released in UK. There’s also a good new that Canopy will bring Sensus protective Case for iPhone 5C, iPod Touch and iPad Mini too later. The company has also plans for bringing Sensus protective case for Android OS and Windows OS running smartphones.

Source: Daily Mail

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