Twitter Integration For iOS

Apple announced that it’s bringing deep Twitter integration to all of its iOS-based devices and to many of its own apps, including Camera, Photos, Safari and Maps. That integration also extends to Contacts, where you’ll be able to link your contacts to their Twitter handle and keep their information updated……


Apple brings deep Twitter integration to iOS, which allowing users to easily tweet and share their photos, locations or even bookmarks from Safari. iOS 5 will also now sync your contacts with their respective Twitter profiles automatically. Selecting this option will allow you to do three things; install the official Twitter application, enter your own Twitter credentials to enable integration, and finally synchronise Twitter handles with contacts on your phone. Twitter is enabled in Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, or Maps – you won’t need a separate client if you want to tweet your location, share a photo, video or a webpage. In each of the applications, hitting the share button will instantly reveal a “Tweet” button, which will load the editor displayed in the screenshots above. When you are finished editing the tweet and hit Send, you will hear a audible ping, letting you know that your message was sent successfully. Earlier we showed you that Apple provides the option for you to install the official Twitter application. Once you have done so, authenticated within the app (we were hoping it would utilise the details we had already entered) and enabled Push Notifications, you will be updated each time you receive a new Tweet, as you would an email or text message. decision to partner with Twitter is a logical one. The implementation is basic but it works and doesn’t take away from third-party applications that are able to deliver more in terms of functionality.



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