Gmail For iPhone Updated, Offers New Email Categories

Google recently rolled out the updated Gmail app for Android devices, offering multiple tabs and many new navigational features. Right on its heels, the search giant has also rolled out a number of updates to the Gmail app for iPhone. The key feature in the updated iPhone app is auto-categorized emails.

Gmail for iPhone

In Gmail app for Android, Google has started offering multiple tabs through which you can keep your inbox organized and neat. As a counterpart for iPhone, the company is offering different categories in the updated Gmail app.

The categories include Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and such. All these different categories can be accessed on your iPhone simply by sliding out the sidebar menu. Once you set the categories, any emails you receive in your inbox will automatically be divided neatly into the respective categories they belong to.

However, iPhone users also have the option of deactivating a given category if they no longer want to use it. The settings for categories can be accessed from Gmail on your desktop machines. Any settings that you decide from your desktop Gmail inbox will become a part of your Gmail app for iPhone.

Thanks to this categorization, the notifications from Gmail app can now be filtered. For instance, you can tweak the notifications so that you are alerted only when an email lands in your primary inbox. This way, you don’t get any notifications when emails arrive in a category that is not important enough. The updated Gmail app for iPhone is already available. You can download it from here.

Source: iTunes
Courtesy: TechCrunch

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