Users Reporting iPhone 5 Camera Taking ‘Purple’ Photos

Users of Apple’s latest handset, iPhone 5, are reporting that the camera is taking purple photos. When compared to an iPhone 4S camera and DSLR; the iPhone 5 camera is the only device with the problem. When Apple was contacted over the issue, they claim it’s just how the camera works. The issue isn’t huge, it only occurs when bright light sources such as the sun are part of a photograph.

The issue was initially pointed out by a forum member on the Anandtech forums and the post has since grown to nearly 200 replies. One member was angered over the issue as he has never experienced this before: “I’ve taken 20,000+ photos on my 4S, never ONCE had this problem.”

When Apple was emailed by Gizmodo, here was the response: (noted by CNN)

“Our engineering team just gave me this information and we recommend that you angle the camera away from the bright light source when taking pictures,” read the e-mail, as reported by Gizmodo. “The purple flare in the image provided is considered normal behavior for iPhone 5’s camera.”

Even the photo comparison above shows that the iPhone 5 is the only camera with the issue present. Some have blamed Apple’s new sapphire crystal lens for the problem, but this could be any hardware-related issue in reality.

Apple already has numerous other larger problems at the moment so they are taking this with a grain of salt. Apple is in the midst of fixing their Maps application and dealing with angry ‘scuffgate’ customers.

Source: CNN

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