White iPhone 4S Shows Up In AT&T

Engadget says that a white iPhone 4s has appeared in an internal AT&T system and the system that Engadget is calling an inventory system, is not actually the one used in stores and it is also based on the accompanying text fields, that system looks to actually have to do with customer care. As for the iPhone 4S, it is believed to cost less than the normal $199 base price tag of new iPhone models and may rely heavily on iCloud and it is also believed to have corrected certain kinks in the current iPhone 4 such as a redesigned antenna……………


A leaked photo allegedly from AT&T‘s internal inventory system shows a new entry for a iPhone 4s White as the launch of Apple‘s next-generation iPhone nears and Apple is widely speculated to launch two new iPhone models, a cheaper entry-level iPhone model that looks like iPhone 4, which has been dubbed iPhone 4S and a redesigned iPhone 5. Engadget has published a screenshot from AT&T‘s internal system, which indicates that AT&T is at least preparing for the iPhone 4S launch. According to some reports, iPhone 4S will be the new entry-level iPhone model that looks like iPhone 4 with only 8GB storage capacity, which will be offered in both post paid and prepaid plan. A prepaid iPhone 4S would be a big deal as analysts believe that iPhone 4S that is unlocked, priced around $349. Engadget reports:

Judging from the clandestine screenshot you see above, it most certainly seems like that’s the case. A helpful tipster sent us this tasty morsel, from AT&T’s internal system, listing the “iPhone 4s White” beneath a handful of already familiar Apple handsets. Could it be? Is Cupertino actually planning on bringing a white version of its next iPhone out at launch?


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