Keyport Slide

Keyport Slide is finally ready to manage those inebriated backups and adds a USB drive & bottle opener to the keyport line up in turn evolves into a swiss army knife…….

Keyport now has the option of a couple new attachments since the last time we talked about it. In addition to that 4GB flash drive and you can opt for an 8GB flash drive and a bottle opener. The standard bundle for the Keyport including the housing, six colored nodes and a lanyard string is $79.If you add the 4GB flash drive it will cost you $89 an if you move up to 8GB of flash storage the Keyport will run you $99.That bottle opener attachment will cost you $5.99. Later this year an option for 16GB of flash storage will be available.Evolving from just a key organizer to  the 21st century Swiss Army Knife not only important, but fun and beneficial to you and me. Maybe we can call it the American Geek Tool or the American All In One or maybe just The Swiss Army Sans-Knife.

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