Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro With Retina Display

Apple’s WWDC has kickstarted a while ago and as expected, the company has made some very exciting announcements at the event. Many analysts had earlier speculated that Apple is going to up the ante on its laptops by introducing Retina Display in MacBook Pro. This has turned out to be true. New MacBook Pro have Retina display, together a lot of other awesome features.

The new MacBook Pro models are also a success for Intel since just like the rumors have been suggesting, Apple has indeed been hooked up to Intel’s new Ivy Bridge core i7 processors and has decided to use them in the MacBook Pro lineup. Moreover, new MacBook Pro models pack Nvidia’s Kepler-based GeForce GT 650M graphics.

This is definitely going to be the sweetheart machine of the professionals, what with its top-of-the-range features and ultra-thin profile. To be exact, the 15-inch MacBook Pro is only 0.71 inches thick! Moreover, it packs a whopping 786 GB of flash storage and up to 16 GB 1600 MHz RAM.

The most evident feature of the new lineup of MacBook Pro, naturally, is the ultra-vivid Retina display which will be packing a stunning 2880 x 1880 resolution onto the 15.4 inches display. This will make the experience of using a MacBook Pro a lot more heavenly. With their launch, the new MacBook Pro models have been made available immediately and shipping starts right today. The good news for the users are that the prices of the new model machines are going to be the same and we won’t see any changes there.

Image courtesy: The Verge

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